How to Raise Thousands of Dollars With Email — Book Review

Online fundraising expert Madeline Stanionis, president of Donordigital, puts her laser insight to work in this new guidebook. What’s that mean for your nonprofit? Concrete how-tos, with case studies and samples, on putting email to use to raise (hundreds of or tens of) thousands of dollars for your nonprofit.

While most online fundraisers have a broad focus, covering e-commerce tactics such as shopping malls and auctions, Stanionis hones in on that most simple, most inexpensive, and most personal of tactics–email. You’ll benefit from reading this book in these ways how to:

  • Build the strongest email list for fundraising, without alienating those donors who will never give online
  • Send the right message, to the right prospects, at the right time
  • Design ongoing campaigns, which build and strengthen relationships, rather than counting on fundraising one-offs
  • Interpret results and use them to up the impact of the next campaign contact.

Best of all, Stanionis delivers all nitty-gritty value in a pithy 108 pages.

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