“I’m NJ Governor Jon Corzine, and I Should Be Dead”

I'm NJ Governor Jon Corzine, and I Should Be DeadCorzine comes out strong for seat belts — not wearing one almost killed him — in this hard-hitting PSA released to launch Click It or Ticket campaigns across the country.

I’m so pleased Corzine’s making a good recovery, and thrilled that he’s using his dramatic experience (and nothing plays better than drama) to persuade others on the necessity of seat belts.

Here’s how he makes a huge peer-to-peer, daredevil-to-daredevil impact with this PSA for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration:

  • Short but powerful
  • Makes it real with
    • Photos of the smashed suv he was riding in
    • Description of how a ventilator had to breathe for him in 8 days
    • Quantifies his injuries — lost half his blood, broke 15 bones in 18 places
  • Attributes living through the injuries to a great team of doctors and many miracles
  • Shares remorse, “I have to live with my mistake, but you don’t.”

Click it.

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