Is Your Media Relations Effort Paying Off?

Is your media relations program measuring up? And how can you really tell? I’ve just discovered a great white paper which outlines a clear, logical measurement approach, Measuring Media Coverage Effectively.

Highlights how tos include:

  • Quantitatively correlate publicity activity to organizational outcomes
  • Compare your media coverage vis-a-vis your nonprofit colleagues and competitors using proven quantitative methods
  • Complete content analysis – slant, prominence, message-point conveyance or other user-defined options
  • Demonstrate the value of media relations efforts with reliable data.

Don’t be surprised to find some pitching in the paper for the authoring organization’s own services in quantifying media relations impact. That’s just strategic marketing. Ignore those pitches and focus on the useful tips for evaluating your media relations impact.

Nancy Schwartz in Media Relations and Press, Nonprofit Communications, Planning and Evaluation, Recommended Resources | 1 comment

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