Is Your Organization Out There in the Right Places?

Is Your Organization Out There in the Right PlacesWalking on the beach last week (a heavenly respite), I was struck hard by the powerful strategy of this vacation rental spot.

Note the mailbox location and label.  Unlike the hundreds of other beach front properties, these folks are 150% audience-focused.

They’ve noted that Florida visitors walk on the beach, whether they’re lucky enough to be staying there or not. And while you’re walking on the beach, top of mind is how nice it would be to stay right there. This rental property understands and engages that desire, making its rental brochures easily available at the moment of…

Meanwhile, its competitors count on the scenic shots of the rental and beach featured on brochures inside the rental office, where the prospective renters aren’t. In the wrong place.

Is your nonprofit reaching out in the right places? Make sure you’re well positioned to intersect head on with your network’s interests, needs and hopes, the nonprofit marketing sweet spot.

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