Learn the Language of Change — Your Org will Benefit Big-Time

Learn the Language of Change -- Your Org will Benefit Big-TimeFundraising veteran Tom Suddes offers his golden (but free!) advice on how to shape your language to strengthen your organization, which Tom swears (and I think he’s right) will change the way you think about your org.

Listen now to change your org’s life, and your own perspective. Can’t ask for more in 45 minutes.

Three key insights:

  • Don’t define yourself negatively, as a NOT-for-profit. Define yourself positively, focusing on your impact. You’re a for-impact organization.
  • Your impact drives your income, not the other way around.
  • Just ask!

Here’s my favorite takeway — reframing key nonprofit communications language. Examples include:

    • Old: charity –> New: cause or philanthropy
    • Old: mission statement –> New: message (clear, consistent, succinct)
    • Old: survival (of your org) –> New: transformation
    • Old: sustainability –> New: solutions
    • Old: inform –> New: involve
    • Old: overhead/administrative costs –> New: priorities (people, programs and places).

Listen up now. It’ll change your perspective today and increase your impact tomorrow, promise.

Tip of the hat to Gayle Thorsen.

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