Managing Colleagues and Staff Critical to Your Nonprofit Marketing Success

The sharpest marketing plan in the world won’t do a thing for your nonprofit if you aren’t working effectively with colleagues and your staff members. Nothing is more important than people in getting a marketing agenda up and going, with success.

A frequent cry I hear from nonprofit marketers is the lack of budget. Many nonprofit leaders seem to be allergic to the "M" word (marketing), but somehow expect programs to be filled, volunteers to flock and donors to give and give. Wrong. But the only way to get the budget you need is to consider your nonprofit’s leadership, and colleagues at all levels, as your organization’s marketers. They do spread the word after all — in every correspondence and conversation. What’s crucial is that they understand your marketing strategy, especially how it stems from your organization’s program goals. Once they do, you’ll have the support and, most likely, the budget you need. As a bonus, you’ll have an organization-wide marketing corps. Nothing better.

All too often I hear from nonprofit marketers who are trying to do it all themselves, rather than to share the work with their staff members. Sometimes it’s a concern about lack of experience, otherwise an attitude of "it’s just quicker to do it myself." Forget it. You’ll be able to do the most, most effectively, with a strong team at the helm. So consider yourself a mentor, as well as a boss. Invest in training your staff, involve them in your decision making and give them responsibility. In return, you’ll get a loyal team who will increase your organization’s marketing impact.

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