Learn to Shape Compelling Nonprofit Messages in Just 8 Weeks — Next Session Starts Nov. 15

The Breakthrough Messaging Pyramid

I’m thrilled to invite you to join me for the second session of the Tagline Focus Project, designed to demolish a major barrier to your organization’s marketing success —  messages that fail to connect with the folks you need to help you move your mission forward.

Now you can fix this too-common problem in just 8 weeks, with one-to-one, hands-on guidance from me as I lead you through an 11-step tagline development process — with guaranteed results:

A cost-effective, timely way to get the professional guidance, tagline and skill-building we needed.
Even though we have little formal marketing training, our four-person team is tasked with doing the job. We’d been circling around developing key messages for a full year, with no results, when we heard about the Tagline Focus Project. Joining the program was a cost-effective way to get the professional guidance and a great tagline we needed in a timely manner. And now we have the skills, process and tools in hand to build out messaging for our organization, and our programs and services. Thank you!  
—Kay Stevens, Executive Director, Wisconsin Youth Company

You’ll finish the Tagline Focus Project with a polished, relevant tagline for your organization, plus key insights into your target audiences’ wants and values–so you can connect with them more effectively — and the messaging skills, tools, templates and process you need to create more strong messages for your organization and programs.

Learn more now. Seats are limited to a maximum of 12, and the program starts November 15.

P. S. The first session, which wound up in September, was incredibly satisfying for me as a teacher. It would be a treat to work with you in this intensive learning opportunity. Let me know if you’d like to talk more about it!

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