3 Free Guides to Nonprofit Communications Impact 2012

No matter what your holiday is (or isn’t), things do slow down this time of year — which is a nice change from the increasingly hectic path most people’s lives seem to be taking. One of wonderful things I find about that “white space,” is that it gives me time to vision, plan and dream. If I make sure to punctuate my year with enough of these spaces (still working on that), then I’m fueled and focused during those more hectic times.

Today I want to share with you three free Getting Attention guides published this year — on messaging that resonates, marketing wisdom from your peers and books that can lift and energize you.1) Nonprofit Tagline Database & Report Get inspired by 4,800+ nonprofit taglines and the guide to making yours great.

Learn how to craft messages that connect, and motivate your audiences to move your mission forward with the:

 • Nonprofit Tagline Report: Your guide to high-impact taglines: 10 have-tos, 6 deadly sins–what not to do, what makes a winning tagline and more.
 • Nonprofit Tagline Database: Use these 4,800 taglines to scout the competition, get inspired and learn what not to do in your own messaging.


2)The Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Guide — Use these 127 lessons learned to strengthen your org’s marketing impact!

Your peers share their wisdom on the marketing challenges you face daily, including:

Keys to drafting email subject lines to motivate opens
How to know your supporters, so you can connect more strongly with them
Tips for building strong relationships with donors, the media and your org’s leadership
Simple planning techniques to keep you moving towards your marketing goals
How to incorporate the unexpected, and much more.


3) The Book that Changed My Life: 129 book recommendations from nonprofit leaders around the world

When I asked nonprofit experts in a range of fields and functions—from public health to arms control, from fundraising to advocacy—to share the one book that has most influenced their professional lives, I had no idea what they’d say. I was thrilled to hear so many passionate stories about books that have made a huge difference in their lives. One of them could change yours!

Get your reading guide now.

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