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2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends

Kivi Leroux Miller’s annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is one of my “go to” resources for boosting client communications impact. The report provides concrete benchmarks for your marketing, fresh ideas to experiment with, and the proof points you need to lobby for the resources and support you need to do communications right.

Please take 10 minutes right now to respond to the 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey. Deadline is tomorrow, December 2! Every survey taker will receive a free copy of the report in January and be invited to a preview webinar before the results are released.

Kivi was generous enough to share early insights on “Which deadline are your coworkers more likely to meet?:

  • Deadline to supply content they create—a newsletter article or blog post
  • OR a deadline to review and approve content you created?”

According to preliminary results, you’re more likely to get reviews and approvals on time than colleague-created content. About half (49%) of nonprofit communications staff report that colleagues “often or always” review and approve content by the set deadline. But just 39% of communicators said coworkers“often or always” submit the content they create on time.

Does this match your experience? Take 10 minutes NOW to share your voice and perspective on all things nonprofit communications in the 2017 Trends Survey, open only through tomorrow, December 2.

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