Part 2: Get to Stronger Supporter Relationships (Peer Guidance)

Donor relationshipsPlease tell us what you’re doing to strengthen supporter relationships, and what’s in your way. Thanks!

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Thanks to these fabulous folks in the field for sharing their right-now paths to stronger relationships with supporters, and what’s getting in their way!

The greatest challenge Kathleen Kennedy faces in building relationships and keeping them strong

“ I have so many competing priorities! My job has both development and program responsibilities, and sometimes the program side overshadows the development side.

“As a result, I don’t get as much accomplished as I would like in donor engagement and consistency. This may speak to our need for additional staff, a conversation I may pursue this year.”  —Kathleen Kennedy, Program and Development Coordinator Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection

Sound familiar? Competing priorities (a.k.a. not enough time) is the barrier to impact I hear most frequently from you guys.

Here’s the thing: You’ll never have enough time to do everything, even with the help of additional staff or consultants. Which is why right-things, right-now marketing and fundraising planning is your answer. It’s the only way to define your priorities, the ones that keep you focused on the things that will make a difference!

Invest the time to articulate your absolute priorities for the next six months, based on your organizational goals for the same period. Kathleen, since your role incorporates two functions, that means you’ll have to make some hard choices to pinpoint what actions will contribute most to moving your organization forward.

Once you’ve done that, discuss your recommendations with leadership to see where there’s agreement or redirection. Then follow this plan to nail those priorities. Bonus—Greater satisfaction in doing the most important things right, and a far greater chance of increased impact! 

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Got 2 minutes? Please tell us what YOU’RE DOING to strengthen donor relationships, and what’s in your way. Thanks!

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