Important Insights for Marketing Impact: Part 1

Marketing Insights

Take 3 Steps to Meaningful Marketing Measures (Part 2)

Ever since super-smart statistician Nate Silver brought presidential campaign data to the headlines in 2012, we’ve become a metrics-obsessed nation. That’s changed the life of most marketers I know, who have been asked (pressured in some cases) to harvest more and more data.

This laser focus on data parallels the growth of nonprofits’ use of social media and mobile channels—whether whole-hog or in experimentation mode. You’ll find lists of must-measures for your website, blog, direct mail, telemarketing, social channels. Put those musts together and you get a baseline of 50 data points or more—pretty impossible for most of us to manage.

But there is a way out, one that will boost your org’s marketing impact while maintaining your sanity.

The RIGHT Marketing Insights Deliver Huge Value to Your Organization…
Despite your workload, you can’t “just say no” to assessing the impact, whether via metrics or anecdotal insights. Effective marketing assessments include both types of information, otherwise you’re getting just half the picture.

It’s simple. If you don’t take the time to define, harvest, share, analyze and ACT ON the right insights, you’ll market via messages and methods shaped to your take on supporters’ wants, habits, and preferences are. And you’ll fail to connect. 

Everything you do nonprofit marketing wise has to be about your audience if you want to engage and motivate them to give, volunteer or sign a petition. Using the right insights is the best way to get, and stay, there.

…And Feed Your Marketing Team’s Resources and Reputation
You know it, and I know it. Many of your colleagues simply have no idea what you do with marketing the organization, and frequently doubt the value of your work.

Marketing ROI is the answer. Concrete insights—harvested, analyzed, shared and applied in a way relevant to your colleagues’ work are the most reliable way build understanding and support of your marketing agenda. For example, there won’t be any program participants without effective marketing or few donors will become volunteers. Ask for their help and tell them WIIFM (what’s in it for me). Doing that?

Take 3 Steps to Meaningful Marketing Measures (Part 2)

How do YOU select the most meaningful marketing data and anecdotal insights to focus on, and push back on pressure to do more than is possible? Please share your approach here.

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