Too Many Choices—Your Greatest Pain Point

Right-Place Nonprofit Marketing

Here’s one of the most common pain points nonprofit marketers like you have just shared with me. NOTE: I’m interested in hearing your greatest pain point—Please take 2 minutes to tell me now right now.

There are so many choices these days in choosing the marketing direction forward, that it’s tough to ID the right things to do right now.

And it’s not just you. It’s the world we live in. But I have a way out for you…

Consider this. Today’s marketing menu includes multiple choices within each of these categories (and I’ve probably missed some):

  • Why: Goal and benchmark
  • More why: Call to action
  • Who: Target audience
  • What: Message, Look and feel
  • Where: Channel or platform (where)
  • When: Timing
  • How: Implementation approach
  • So what: Results

You practically need a custom algorithm to make the right decisions. Ugh!

Brilliant Marketoonist Tom Fishburne feels our pain and shares his own experience:

It always cracks me up when I’m asked to scan a QR code in an underground subway station with no internet access. Recently I saw an ad with a QR code on the other side of the subway tracks. Not only was there no internet access in that subway, the QR code was printed so small that anyone wishing to scan it would need to climb down onto the tracks and step over the third rail to get close enough to scan it with a mobile phone. And if there had, magically, been internet access, I suspect that the QR code would only have directed the browser to their general desktop website.

Take these three steps to filter the overwhelming number of choices you have—Right-Things, Right-Now Marketing:

  1. Acknowledge that there are two side of your marketing world—how you see things, and how they’re seen by the folks you are trying to move to act—give, sign, share, etc.
  2. Reconfigure the way your organization works to fit how your community sees things, that’s what counts. You’ll only confuse them (think third rail) other wise. Break down departmental silos to flourish!
  3. Create a fully-integrated, “omnichannel” (beyond multi-channel, I’ll write more about it soon) experience for your community members. So they get it, without struggle, and are most likely to act

So throw old the old and embrace the new. These three steps will take you to campaigns most likely to move your people to take the actions you need. Relevance Rules.

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