Nonprofit Marketing Resources Worth Your Attention — October 2006

Email Marketing Metrics Report Summarizes Trends in Your Audience’s Habits and Preferences

E-news service provider Mailer-Mailer tracked all messages sent through its system in the first half of 2006 to generate these key findings:

  • Open and Click-Through Rates – Overall open rates remained relatively steady compared to the last half of 2005.
    • Take away: Don’t give up on email. It remains an important marketing channel for your nonprofit organization, but you have to do it smarter.
  • Best Days to Send – Mondays, Tuesdays, and the weekends earned higher open and click rates.
    • Take away: Reconsider when you launch your e-newsletter, and even all-organization or all-customer/client emails. Despite these findings,
      I’m not a fan of Monday e-blasts, as I feel audiences aren’t as receptive as they are later in the week.
  • Subject Lines – Emails with shorter subject lines outperformed emails with longer subject lines.
    • Take away: Less than 10 words is best. If you go longer, make sure that the key message is captured in the part of the subject line that’s visible to recipients without opening your email. Read more about email subject lines here.
  • Personalization – Emails that used personalization received higher click and open rates.
    • Take away: Remember to capture nonprofit e-news subscriber names (first and last, in separate fields) so that you can personalize. You’ll already have names for clients and members.
    • In addition, capture subject interests (via a clickable form) so you can customize content, in addition to addressing each reader by name.

Fast Company’s 2006 Masters of Design

Here’s Fast Company’s annual design round up, one of my favorites as far as design trends. You’ll find sage advice on what design can (and can’t) do for your nonprofit — and get an eyeful of some amazing examples of the craft. The To Read the Consumer’s Mind article, on the importance of in-depth audience research, is just one of the many highlights here.

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