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The Breakthrough Messaging PyramidI’m slugging down my coffee and getting ready to run to my 9:30 meeting with a new client. I know you’re probably rushing into your day too.

But first, I wanted to quickly explain a few things about how I’m helping a limited number of organizations strengthen their messaging this fall. It’s the second round of a new program I introduced last summer (summer participants loved it — see what Susan Conwell, executive director of Kids Matter, Inc.,  has to say below). The second session starts November 15. Learn more here.

Over the years, I’ve often been asked by nonprofit communicators like you to offer training on message development, and I just wasn’t able to provide it beyond occasional speaking engagements and workshops.

But now I’m excited to bring you exactly what you’ve been asking for—an immersive, limited-enrollment program designed to take you step by step through the entire message development process in just eight weeks, the Tagline Focus Project (TFP). And since the program is delivered online and via phone and email (in a small group and one-to-one working with me), you can participate right from your desk. No travel expenses, or time wasted!

Your highly-focused, time-limited approach made it happen for us.
“We had wanted to develop a tagline for a while, and knew that we needed a time-limited, highly-focused process to make it happen.

So many marketing projects become drifting, time-consuming efforts that are ultimately unproductive. But participants in the Tagline Focus Project can count on leaving with the messaging skills and tagline they need.”
—Susan Conwell, Executive Director,  Kids Matter, Inc.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for your organization and for your own professional development. Learn more here.

Here’s what your peers who completed the Tagline Focus Project last summer tell me they’re particularly excited about — In addition to learning how to develop messaging that strongly connects with their audiences and motivates them to act, they finished the program with:

  1. A new tagline ready to use (your tagline is what we focus on in the program, although the skills and techniques you learn, and the templates and tools you get, are applicable for all types of messages)
  2. New or strengthened skills ready to put to work to create additional messages as needed, for all programs, campaigns and target audiences
  3. A group of peers available for messaging brainstorming on an ongoing basis.

We’re starting the next session on November 15 and several seats are already filled. So if you’re interested in vastly improving your organization’s messaging for 2012, I encourage you to go ahead and give it a try.

P.P.S. I only have room for 15 people and  I’d hate to have to put you on the waiting list. So go ahead and learn more now.

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