Nonprofit Name Changers Beware

Nonprofit name changes are a delicate matter. Our audiences, and particularly our donors, all have established ways in which they relate to our organizations. When we change names, we frequently shake up those relationships…even when audiences are included in the process.

In my case study, How a Nonprofit Name Change Generated Attention and Momentum, I make a few recommendations that are absolutely critical for your organization to follow should you be entering the name change game:

  • Make sure your branding team, whether staff members or outside experts, get to know all the full range of issues and perspectives. Audience research is a must.
  • Train staff and other key stakeholders (don’t forget your board members) on the messages, potential impact and all aspects of launch of the new name. Remember, these individuals are all communicators.
  • Launch the new name only once a proactive, engaging communications strategy is in place.

Take a look at “The Attack of the Brand Shamans” for the story of United Cerebral Palsy Tampa’s renaming disaster.

Are you Getting Attention?

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