Drive Action: Bring Me Up to Date (Case Study)

Keep Relationship CurrentI’m a huge fan of the charity clearinghouse GlobalGiving, and have donated through them several times to causes I wouldn’t have been able to connect with otherwise.

That’s GlobalGiving’s sweet spot—connecting donors like yours (and you, and me) with causes that we may not find, know of and/or be able to easily donate to. They do a fantastic job of it: Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised $151,783,082 from 407,034 donors who have supported 10,812 projects.

So I was surprised to receive this could-be-better email from them, updating me on the work they’ve done with my donation 3 1/2 years ago to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

  • What’s Great: GlobalGiving continues to keep in touch with me on this years-old gift, bringing to life the work it’s enabled them to do. The updates are short, visual and memorable. They make me feel good about having donated, and about the good the gift is going.
  • What Could Be Better:  Next time, GlobalGiving, ask me to support right-now causes that are linked in some way (disaster relief, Japan, otherwise) to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. You know there’s little chance I’ll give there again with so many other more urgent causes out there. But there’s a strong chance I’ll make a gift to a similar cause if you:
    • Show me its relevance by linking it to the Japan Relief Fund; and
    • Make it easy for me to give by asking (and providing a link) right at the top of this email.

Consider it? Otherwise you have a good chance of losing me, after 3 1/2 long years.

Referencing past interactions is a proven method of reconnecting with supporters, but its typically not enough to drive the right-now actions you want. Connect by going back, then bring folks up to now by linking them with current opportunities (for giving, participating, spreading the word or volunteering) closely related to their last interaction with your organization. Make it easy—and likely—for them to get re-involved.

How do YOU reinvigorate long-lapsed donors, program participants or partners? Please share your techniques here.

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