Parents Share Painful Stories in New Blog from Partnership for a Drug Free America

Partnership for a Drug Free America's (PDFA) Parent Partners Kim Manlove and Ginger Katz are the first to share their personal stories through an online peer-to-peer blog. The Partnership parent blogs are personal journals where each parent shares the experience of how drug abuse changed their families’ lives.  By communicating directly—and in their own words—with other parents, Manlove and Katz hope to help prevent other families from having suffering the tragic losses they have each endured. Manlove’s son David abused inhalants and was only 18 years old when he died in an inhalant-related accident; Katz’s 21-year-old son Ian died of a heroin overdose.

These blogs are moving, helpful and make a lasting impact. I congratulate Manlove and Katz for daring to keep the conversation going on what must be very painful events, in order to help others. And it's a great way for PDFA to get the word out directly from those (to those) affected by drug abuse, a very different approach from its more traditional, highly-intermediated strategies.

“When I began the weblog, I suspected it might have a cathartic effect for me, but the reality has far exceeded those expectations,” said Manlove. “…It is an incredible gift, one that allows me to voice my thoughts and memories in a way that gives them wings, and more importantly, may help other families rise above the clouds of despair and sorrow to where there is light and hope.”

“Many parents don't realize that information about drugs that comes from them will have a much greater impact on their kids than information from any other source,” said Joe Keenan, EVP and director of interactive and technology for the Partnership. “These blogs are an excellent place to encourage parents to learn the facts about drugs and talk to their kids, as well as a powerful platform from which to inspire other parents to take up the cause.”

Joe's right on target. No other medium could so poignantly, thoroughly and effectively convey these parents' perspectives. Take a look at Manlove's and Katz's blogs today for inspiration.

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