Six Steps to Finding the Right Web Site Development Firm for Your Nonprofit

Six Steps to Finding the Right Web Site Development Firm for Your NonprofitChoosing the right Web site development firm can be a difficult decision – especially in today’s changing world, where there are many firms promising to meet or exceed your nonprofit’s goals through Web site design and programming. Since your resources are limited and you want to get the most from them, it’s vital that you find the best match.

Take these six steps to find the site development firm that’s the best long-term partner for your organization: 

  1. Develop a Site Development RFP That’s as Comprehensive as Possible
  2. Establish These Baseline Criteria for Firm Selection
  3. Understand Your Choices – Web Development Firms Fall into One of Five Categories
  4. Research Your Options – Work Hard to Get Good Recommendations
  5. Interview Your Top Picks to Get Your Shortlist
  6. Distribute Your Site RFP to No More than Three Firms, and Analyze Responses Thoroughly – When You Do, You’ll Be Able to Select the Right Long-Term Partner for Web Site Development

You’ll find all the details you need to complete this steps in the free and complete how-to guide to selecting the right site development firm. Review these easy but valuable steps today, and put them to play when searching for your next Web developer, or other agency or consultant.

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