So What?

So WhatBringing the Science of Psychology to Daily Living

That’s how the American Psychological Association, the professional association for psychologists, is using its big time, one-shot messaging opportunity (as a sponsor of NPR) to convey its unique contribution to the world. To be diplomatic, this tagline does less than nothing for me.

I’m someone who knows many mental health professionals, has worked with many nonprofits focused on mental health, etc. — my point is I know something about the field and I still don’t have any idea what the value of "the science of psychology" is. So how about the rest of NPR listeners who might not have experience working with mental health organizations, or friends in the field?

For an organization like APA, the NPR sponsorship hit is probably its biggest marketing spend. So they should be using their sentence or two to showcase the unique value they bring to listeners. Clearly APA is emphasizing that psychology is a science (vs. perhaps social work) so maybe that’s a valid point. But unless that scientific core benefits the world/listeners, it’s a big so what.

A quick-and-dirty suggestion for APA’s next round, using phrases pulled from the APA Web site:

  • Bringing the science of mind and behavior to advance the human experience, from child development to the actions of nations.

Or even better yet, from Getting Attention reader Jim Graham, Annual Fund Manager at Walsh College:

  • Understanding the mind and behavior through the
    science of Psychology.

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