Some Moms Hunger for More than Attention — Another High-Impact Mother’s Day Fundraising Campaign

Some Moms Hunger for More than Attention -- Another High-Impact Mother's Day Fundraising CampaignI was struck by this high-impact Mother’s day fundraising campaign from City Meals featured in a full-page ad in Sunday’s New York Times. The woman at left could have been my grandmother.

City Meals educates readers that "70% of our meal recipients are women. Many no longer have spouses, siblings, friends or children in their lives. That can make for a lonely Mother’s Day. Send meals in your mother’s honor or memory to elderly New Yorkers who would otherwise be hungry and alone.

Mom taught you to care for others. Show her how much you learned."

Beautifully done, Citymeals-on-wheels. They get the empathy and the guilt pumped, and they motivate the desire to please with the encouragement to be your best, as mom taught you. Hokey but it works.

What makes this campaign truly effective are the supplementary components that make giving a real participatory experience including these e-cards for your mom (you "purchase" the card, that’s your donation) and the campaign mini site.

C’mon and give. Show mom your true colors.

PS I love that Mother’s Day has become a focal point for campaigns to help others, which is exactly what mothers do 24/7. Seems much more authentic than the Hallmark version of the day.

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