Audience Research 4 nonprofitsThere’s a proven way for your organization to start and strengthen vital relationships with the people whose support, loyalty, and actions you want—donors, volunteers, and even staff (too often overlooked here).

This approach is easy to learn and execute. And it’s something you do on a personal level all the time: Getting to know and understand others with whom you want to build a friendship—learning what’s important to them and how their days go. These insights enable you to focus in on what’s important or interesting to both of you, and how best to keep in touch via a commonly-used channel (social, mobile, text, mail) at a receptive time.

Here are four proven methods of harvesting these priceless insights:


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2 Orgs Link Key Issues with Obama Transition Get Lots of AttentionThe week before the election, I advised you to hold tight on communications. To wait until post-election (let's say Monday, 11/10) to see where things fell and pick up there on your org's key issues.

Here are two organizations that did just that at the first possible moment, effectively linking their issues with Obama transition headlines:

1) The ACLU placed this ad in the NYT on Monday 11/10, calling on Obama to make good on his campaign promise to close Guantanamo and shut down the military commissions.It was the first nonprofit outreach to Obama that I saw post-election, and its highly-dramatic tone (the ACLU is good at that) definitely caught my eye.

The ACLU invited supporters to join the campaign with this email, explaining its "get out of Guantanamo" campaign strategy and asking for donations all in a very positive, collaborative tone (which has not always been the way of the ACLU).

2) Members of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) were big Obama supporters and jumped to follow up on the health care agenda early last week with the Work with the President-Elect for Real Health Care Reform campaign.

Look at what they're doing to tap into Obama and keep health care front and center. SEIU is urging members and other supporters to "Pledge to Keep Healthcare on to the Map," with this innovative Web 2.0 incredible advocacy tool. Note they're encouraging people to use avatars and upload videos to YouTube. 

I'm watching how other orgs jump into the transition conversation. What are you seeing?

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