I’m thrilled to welcome Holly Ross, our newest guest blogger. Holly has spent seven+ years at the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), working with community members to identify technology trends —  from ubiquitous access to technology leadership — that will reshape the nonprofit sector. Full Disclosure: I’m an NTEN board member and a huge fan.

“Social media is not a megaphone, it’s a conversation.” You’ve doubtlessly heard this phrase uttered at dozens of conference sessions and read it in many blog posts. Although that’s the first lesson most of us learned about social media, it’s been the hardest to implement. Having a “conversation” with people you may not know very well, on a platform you’re not entirely comfortable with, isn’t easy to pull off. It’s a skill that has to be developed.

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Q:  I'm a long-time reader of your e-news and blog, and have a question for you about LinkedIn. Since it’s personal in nature, I will appreciate your discretion.  (NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

I recognize the value of getting on LinkedIn but have a dilemma. I am employed full-time as Marketing Director with a nonprofit agency. The job is a great fit for now, but it is not what I want to do in the long-term.

In addition, I do freelance work AND am working on a masters degree in a field that IS what I want to do in the long term (i.e. global health promotion and social marketing).

What is the best way to present myself on LinkedIn? I do not want to disrespect my full-time employer but to complicate matters, my employer and freelance clients do not necessarily know that the other exists — they just know I do my work well and on time!  

I've been struggling with this for a few months, and would appreciate any thoughts and advice you may have for me.Thanks in advance for your help.

K.P., Marketing Director, .org Serving Children and Families, Chicago, IL


A:  Frankly, I’d include it all on your LinkedIn profile, Kelly. Authenticity is the name of the 2.0 game.

It'll undermine your hopes and dreams, as well as your current job and freelance work, if a client finds out another way (vs. you putting it out there) that you have a FT job, or vice versa with your employer.

Be up front and be proud!

All the Best,

P.S. Authentic branding is critical to the success of every nonprofit Web site! Download the free Nonprofit Tagline Report for must-dos, don't dos, case studies and 1,000+ nonprofit tagline examples!

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Ask Experts, Share Issues, Get Inspired -- Join Getting Attention Discussion Group on LinkedIn
Looking for marketing answers? Stuck and need inspiration? Surprised at something that's worked great and want to spread the word?
Please join me and (already) 400 fellow nonprofit communicators in the Getting Attention (GA) Group on LinkedIn.

Here's the deal. For years, folks have been sending me queries on nonprofit marketing dilemmas (Ask Nancy). I do respond via the GA blog or e-update when possible, but…

  1. I just can't respond to the volume anymore, and more importantly…
  2. You'd get a lot more from hearing from your peers, as well as from me. They're the ones out in the field, testing, testing testing. 

So I'm shifting discussion to the Getting Attention LinkedIn Group (we'll have a Facebook group soon). Already have 400 nonprofit communicators there, including several in every issue arena, org size and budget, etc.We already have lots of topics in play and through those discussions, I've been getting tons of new ideas and "meeting" new colleagues.

And, if you're not yet on LinkedIn, it's the perfect motivation for you to spend 10 minutes putting up a profile — great networking, discussion groups from all perspectives (I put queries out and get great responses).

Here's how to join now, in 10 minutes or less:

  • If you're already on LinkedIn, sign up here today. And welcome, in advance.
  • If you're not on LinkedIn yet, sign up here (see Not a User yet line at bottom of page), then join the Getting Attention group. You're going to love being on linkedIn, and part of the group.

Once you're in, ask a question, tell a story, get involved. Like anything else, the more conversation, the richer the experience. Welcome one and all!

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1st 100 Days In Nonprofit Communications Job What Would You DoJoin the discussion over at the new Getting Attention group on LinkedIn!  We already have nearly 100 folks talking about key issues nonprofit and foundation communicators need to figure out now. The more of you who jump on board, the richer the discussion and the learning. So please do join the group today.

Once you’re a member (a great learning opportunity at no cost), you can add your 2 cents on priorities for the first 100 days in a nonprofit marketing job, and other lively discussions. Or you can ask your questions of this skilled, interested and active group.

This latest inauguration-inspired query comes from nonprofit marketer Kivi Leroux Miller, who’s crafting an e-book on the topic and eager to feature some sage advice from others in the field. I know you have something to add.

P. S. Don’t miss out on the in-depth articles, case studies and guides on key nonprofit communications topics featured in the Getting Attention e-alert. Subscribe today.

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