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All-Org Team of MessengersWatch the webinar at your convenience

Join me to learn how to turn your board, staff, and loyal volunteers into a team of passionate and engaging messengers. They’ll develop confidence and skills while you’ll get more of the donations and donor loyalty you seek—without additional budget or hires. Bonus: They’ll connect your organization with their personal networks—many of whom you’d never reach otherwise.

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Nonprofit Branding

Thanks to guest blogger Caryn Stein, VP at Network for Good

I’m so eager to share with you the incredible learning experience I had at the recent Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) . I learned all about nonprofit rebranding via Farra Trompeter, Vice President of Big Duck, and Will Nolan, Senior Vice President of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD). Here are a few key takeaways to help you understand the potential of brand for our causes, and knowing when it’s time for a change.

First Things First: What’s a Brand?
Your nonprofit’s brand represents your identity, your promise to donors and constituents, and the consistency of your work. The principles outlined here are relevant whether you’re shaping a first-time (intentional) brand for your organization, or you’re rebranding.


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How to Raise More Money NowI was honored to be among the folks that Network for Good asked to contribute innovative fundraising ideas to this inspiring new e-book, How to Raise More Money Now.

You know what the tried-and-trues are, and I’m sure you’re working them as hard as possible. But swallow this free guide (it’s a great, quick read) for ideas beyond the norm — ideas that you can use to wake up donors and prospects now.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas from the e-book:

  • Don’t ask your donors to solve huge problems; ask them to solve solvable problems.
  • Think like a Girl Scout and start selling cookies. Give me different options for how to invest with your organization.
  • Organize a volunteer online thank you corps. Donors get a simple training and are then assigned new donors to personally thank on behalf of the cause. (Particularly love this one. Everyone is – or can be — a fundraiser, just as everyone’s a communicator. Help your colleagues supporters be great at it.)

You’ll find many more ideas like these in How to Make More Money Now.  They won’t all be  “cut-and-pasteable” to your organization, but I guarantee they’ll spur you to come up with some fresh ideas that are. Download the guide now.

P.S. Vote now to build your messaging skills by selecting the best in class in the 2010 Taggies — the third annual Nonprofit Tagline Award Competition. It’s a fun project that will help nonprofits in all fields discover what works, and why.

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As the nonprofit landscape gets increasingly complex and your org reaches out and  is discussed on infinite communications channels, it’s more important than ever to brand your organization, programs and campaigns.

But with the way nonprofit communications is expanding at lightning speed, how can you ensure everyone in your organization is speaking with the same voice? When you do so – conveying credibility and value in a way that’s easy to remember and repeat – you’ll build long-lasting relationships with donors, volunteers, members, the media, clients, and more. But it’s more challenging than ever in our 2.0 world.

Please register right now to join me and Big Duck’s Sarah Durham, author of Brandraising, Tuesday,  May 18th, 1pm eastern to learn how to tackle this challenge. Thanks much to Network for Good for sponsoring this no-charge discussion.


  1. Build your understanding of what a brand is, what branding takes and how it helps your build strong relationships.
  2. Sharpen your brand outline to ensure you stand out, generating action and building loyalty and express it consistently across channels.
  3. Learn how to train your staff, volunteers and base to carry your brand forward in their own social networking, activism or just plain socializing via charity badge

P.S. Don’t worry if you can’t participate live or if you’re reading this way past the live call: Register here to receive an mp3 recording and text transcript. Find out more here.

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fundraisingThis afternoon, a client asked me about to share my top fundraising resources. Her organization is shifting gears, re-orienting its focus to
better match audience wants and interests, and eager to find funding to make it happen.

In crafting this list, I realized it may be of interest to you and that I’d like to know where you turn for fundraising guidance. Do keep in mind that my core learning strategy is to read/listen to (and talk with, when possible) the best heads on a topic. I learn most easily from case studies that give me the specifics I need to relate what I’m learning to the client project at hand.

Here are my top six fundraising guides. Please share your favorites now in the comments box below (click comments link at bottom or, if you’re looking at the permalink version of this post, just scroll down to bottom):

  • Tom Ahern–Lots of great case studies and fundraising models analyzed and annotated. Easy to learn from, and absolutely on point.
  • Tom Belford & Roger Craver:The Agitator–These guys love to present multiple points of view on a topic which makes the reader work, in a good way. Again, case studies, strategy and a wicked sense of humor.
  • Jeff Brooks: Future Fundraising Now–Formerly blogging at Donor Power, the incredible Jeff Brooks is cranking out almost-daily to-dos now, and every one is golden. Go, Jeff, go!
  • Network for Good: Fundraising 123–This online donation service goes way beyond their donate button to provide top-quality articles and webinars (all free) to strengthen fundraising and marketing skills.
  • Pamela Grow: Grantwriting Blog–Pamela brings a fresh perspective to her sage fundraising advice, as in today’s post pointing out how nonprofit fundraisers can learn (what NOT to do) from Food Network star Paula Deen. Good learning that’s fun and provocative, with lots of examples.

Click on the Comments link below to add the fundraising guides you rely on, and to read about the very important 7th guide I forgot to mention in this post.

P.S. Marketing and fundraising are two halves of a whole. Get more in-depth articles, case studies and guides to
nonprofit marketing success — all featured in the twice-monthly
Getting Attention e-update.
Subscribe today .

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Learn the Language of Change -- Your Org will Benefit Big-TimeFundraising veteran Tom Suddes offers his golden (but free!) advice on how to shape your language to strengthen your organization, which Tom swears (and I think he’s right) will change the way you think about your org.

Listen now to change your org’s life, and your own perspective. Can’t ask for more in 45 minutes.

Three key insights:

  • Don’t define yourself negatively, as a NOT-for-profit. Define yourself positively, focusing on your impact. You’re a for-impact organization.
  • Your impact drives your income, not the other way around.
  • Just ask!

Here’s my favorite takeway — reframing key nonprofit communications language. Examples include:

    • Old: charity –> New: cause or philanthropy
    • Old: mission statement –> New: message (clear, consistent, succinct)
    • Old: survival (of your org) –> New: transformation
    • Old: sustainability –> New: solutions
    • Old: inform –> New: involve
    • Old: overhead/administrative costs –> New: priorities (people, programs and places).

Listen up now. It’ll change your perspective today and increase your impact tomorrow, promise.

Tip of the hat to Gayle Thorsen.

P.S. Don’t miss out on in-depth articles, case studies and guides to nonprofit marketing success — all featured in the twice-monthly Getting Attention e-update. Subscribe today.

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