Talk to me….About the New Nonprofit Marketing Tool/Approach/Model/Idea That’s Intriguing You

Talk to me About the New Nonprofit Marketing ToolApproachModelIdea That's Intriguing You…or are intrigued by.

I’m here at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) and absorbing ideas, models, tools like a sponge. So realize how much power there is in drawing out the same from other bloggers for next week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants.

So, nonprofit bloggers, tell me what’s intriguing you? What nonprofit marketing model, tool, tip approach or idea is compelling you to find out more or put it into action for your organization?

Talk to me by midnight, Saturday, March 22nd. Just go to to submit your post using the form there or send an email to npc.carnival AT yahoo DOT com with your name, your blog’s name and the URL of the post (not your blog homepage).

I’ll report out next Monday with what should be a powerful "to explore" list for us all.

Signing off from New Orleans,

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