Fourth of July Tips

Timing is everything, and no organization hits that mark better than the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They’re the royalty of relevance rules.

I just received EWG’s email heralded by the timely subject line above. And because Fourth of July is top of mind for me this week, I opened it right up.

This email perpetuates EWG’s unbroken record of excellence in sharing its expertise via content that’s 100% relevant. President Ken Cook outlines the four areas of guidance they can provide to me and my family for this sizzling week of summer madness: Sunscreen, healthy recipes, cosmetics that provide sun protection and, for the BBQ-ers, how to buy leaner and greener meats.

For my family, EWG’s guidance on sunscreen is not just “nice to have,” it’s vital. And I’m appreciative that they’ve reached out to me when the sun is at its hottest. They’re making my life easier in an area of concern, and opening my eyes up to additional ways to keep our summer living healthy.

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