What’s the Best Holiday Fundraising Campaign?

What's the Best Holiday Fundraising CampaignI vote hands down for Heifer International, the humanitarian assistance and sustainable development organization that provides livestock and related services to limited-resource families worldwide. We just received the Heifer holiday catalog last week and my daughter Charlotte went nuts marking the pages with the animals she wants to give.

But my colleague Conor Byrne, one of Ireland's fundraisers extraordinaire, wants to know what YOU think!

As Conor tells it, even as a child he had fundraising on the brain. He remembers being struck by the prevalence of holly pins — sold as a Christmas campaign by the ISPCC (Ireland's most well-known children's charity). "Absolutely everyone bought the holly pin," says Conor.

Conor wonders what today's holly pin is? What is the single most effective holiday fundraising campaign you know of? Email your top pick to Conor by November 25th!

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