WHERE am IDon’t. Just don’t. Don’t forget to tell me who you are on your home page.

I linked to this site from an ad in one of a million e-newsletters and get. And, like many folks, I don’t always get to digest the newly-opened Web site right away.

When I did get there (2 hours later), I really had to spend some time (remember, it’s all about making it easy for your audiences) putting the context together for this site.

Turns out it’s the site for a regional conference of the Society of Association Executives. Only thing is — they forgot to mentioned the sponsoring organization (nothing is so important) on the home page. Not even on the title tag (the text that runs on the blue rule at the top of every Web page). So I’m thinking it’s a New York City initiative to build tourism or something, when finally — at the very bottom of the page — see the attribution on the copyright line.

Your organization’s name is what you’re selling — whether your registering folks for a program, engaging prospective members and motivating donors to give again. Don’t forget it — front, center and recognizable. Just don’t.

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