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Nonprofit Event Registration: 5 Tips for Sign-Up Forms

The registration process can be one of the first touchpoints that a supporter has with your organization. In fact, you’re more likely to host a well-attended and effective event if it’s easy for supporters to register. For this reason, you want the sign-up process to be easy and accessible to anyone who has expressed interest […]

Matching Gift Initiatives at 5 Higher Ed Institutions

Higher ed institutions everywhere are making a difference in their students’ lives and education. But a lot of student success depends on those colleges and universities having the resources they need to continue their programming.  For that reason, fundraising is a huge priority at higher ed institutions. Without funding, institutions can’t continue to provide the […]

You’ve Never Heard of Volunteer Grants?! Learn the Basics

Let me ask you a question. Yes, you. Have you ever heard of volunteer grants? Okay, better question: Do you know what volunteer grants are and how to get them for your nonprofit? You might already have an idea of how volunteer grants work, and perhaps occasionally even receive these grants for your organization. But […]

Matching Gifts for Higher Education: 7 Actionable Tips

If you work for a higher education institution, you know that bringing in donations is essential. After all, those contributions fund school programs, supplies and materials, and other crucial components that drive your curriculum. But rather than asking donors to dig back into their pockets time after time, what if you could maximize their existing […]

17 Matching Gift Companies with Impactful Programs

What if you could double someone’s donation to your organization? Well, you can! Corporate matching gift programs are a big part of corporate philanthropy—companies essentially match donations their employees make to nonprofit organizations. However, many nonprofits and donors don’t actively pursue those matches. Here at Getting Attention, we thought it would be helpful to list […]