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Matching Gift Operational Stats: Insights From Top Nonprofits

There are millions of established nonprofit organizations, and the matching gift tactics they employ range from fully built-out strategies to lacking entirely. A recent research report by the Top Nonprofits team shares insights from the leading peer-to-peer focused fundraising groups⁠—specifically focusing on the P2P Top 30. Here at Getting Attention, we found these findings to […]

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits: A Complete Guide

Pretty much everything takes place on the internet these days: shopping, socializing, and even (you guessed it!) supporting charities. That’s why digital marketing for nonprofits is non-negotiable nowadays. With the vast majority of people online, online marketing is one of the smartest ways to connect with new and existing supporters. Any nonprofit hoping to stand […]

Nonprofit Advertising: The Essential Guide (With Examples!)

Nonprofits fundraise, launch campaigns, engage with donors, and host events to drive their missions forward. But without a strategic nonprofit advertising plan, charitable organizations can’t sustain that momentum and make meaningful change. Nonprofit advertising is critical if you want to spread the word about your organization, solicit donations, and reach target audiences. While for-profit businesses […]

A Quick Guide to Compiling Donor Prospect Profiles

When it comes to finding new donors for your nonprofit, identifying prospects is just the first step. In order to transform a prospect into a dedicated, engaged donor, you have to cultivate them, getting to know them as an individual and laying the foundation for a lasting relationship. Cultivation can be challenging, especially when you’re working […]

Nonprofit Marketing: A Guide for Amplifying Your Mission

Imagine this: Your nonprofit spends months planning the perfect fundraising event. You’ve planned out all the activities, lined up catering, and recruited volunteers to pull it all together. A scattering of your most active supporters register, but you don’t get the turnout that you hope. You’ve likely fallen short because of poor nonprofit marketing. As […]

Demystifying the Google Ad Grant Requirements for Websites

In a word, the Google Ad Grant is transformational. The program has completely altered the way nonprofits market their causes. By breaking down geographical barriers, any organization that meets the Google Ad Grant requirements can reach more donors than ever before without blowing its marketing budget. In fact, search ads (like Google Ads) have the […]

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits: The Complete Guide for 2023

Google Ad Grants for nonprofits combine marketing and fundraising opportunities so that nonprofits can amplify their most important content and effectively reach larger pools of donors, volunteers, and advocates. By equipping eligible organizations with $10,000 in ad credits per month, the Google Ad Grant program enables nonprofits worldwide to increase website activity and digital conversions.  […]

Marketing a Virtual Nonprofit Event: 3 Essential Tips

Virtual nonprofit events can be a fundamental part of your organization’s fundraising strategy. With a strong virtual event, your nonprofit can easily grow its reach, build relationships with supporters, and boost donor acquisition and retention. With these benefits in mind, it’s clear that your nonprofit needs to add virtual fundraising to its development toolkit. While […]

Our Top 8 Tips and Tricks for Designing Nonprofit Logos

Whether it’s a portrait of a mythical siren in a green circle, a “swoosh,” or a red-and-white Play button, logos are all around us. Many for-profit companies—from local businesses to internationally known brands like Starbucks, Nike, and YouTube—use logos to identify their products and services and sell them to consumers. But nonprofit organizations just as much […]

How to Start An Effective Nonprofit Blog

So, you’ve decided to join the exciting world of nonprofit blogging. Your website’s blog lets you tell your nonprofit’s story in your own words, update audience members about your events and activities, and even engage with a new audience of potential supporters. But just like any marketing endeavor, you must approach nonprofit blogging strategically. Your […]