Summer Shifts in Communications? Please share here!

Summertime Shifts: Nonprofit CommunicationsHey you! I’d love to know how you adapt your organization’s communications for summertime impact, for a blog post!

Do you:

  • Change timing
  • Shift topic, tone or language to make it more seasonally relevant
  • Adapt your campaign focus, channel and/or frequency
  • Tone it summer—light and fun
  • Something I haven’t mentioned yet
  • Change nothing at all?

Please share your summertime approach here. Specific examples appreciated—they’re SO much easier to learn from. Thanks so much!

Nancy Schwartz on June 17, 2015 in Strategy | 2 comments

  • Summer makes no difference for some, but for others it seems to be a lighter less-formal time. We suggest that more messaging adopt this atmosphere. There are also some specific themes that can be explored based on when holidays fall, and some very specific back-to-school messaging depending on the nonprofit. Finally, don’t forget to adjust any images you use in social media, newsletters, etc. to this time of the year. (By the way, the link in your email is broken and brought up a 404 page.)

  • Thanks, John. Can you share some specific examples from your org or the orgs you work with please?

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