How to Motivate Action with Your Nonprofit Tagline – Case Study

nonprofit taglineQ: We’re trying to finalize our nonprofit tagline, but need your help.

Your nonprofit tagline report has been incredibly helpful.  But we’ve been trying to finalize  a new tagline here at Seattle Central Community College for over a year now!

Here are a few that we’ve come up with. I’d appreciate your thoughts:

  • Seattle Central fits youBased in large part on results from student/staff/faculty focus groups we conducted and is taken directly from a student quote. I’m hesitant to use this because one of your the tagline “don’ts” is repeating part of the organization’s name.

— Judy Kitzman, Communications Specialist

A. You’re right to pick up on that don’t, Judy, as repeating your organization’s name in your tagline IS a waste of messaging real estate, especially when the other words don’t differentiate your organization (and you are using just four words).

One thing in particular we would like to do is set Seattle Central apart geographically from other colleges –  we’re the only downtown community college campus and students love our urban location and diverse campus.

With that in mind, here are two options we’ve developed. I’m very interested in your feedback here:

  • The college on Capitol Hill.
  • Your college. Your future.

A: Judy, these are going in the right direction. But I don’t think either one does it: Location alone isn’t enough to motivate someone to matriculate, although diversity and/or a successful future may be. But put those concepts together and you’re far likelier to motivate prospective student interest:

Seattle Central Community College
Your future starts on Capitol Hill

This is just a quick draft Judy, that needs polishing, but take it from here!

If you have suggestions for Judy, please post them in Comments below.

Nancy Schwartz on June 22, 2010 in Taglines | 4 comments
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  • Love this post and the real world example. I would take Nancy’s last version (which is great) one step further with ‘Where your future starts’. Perhaps the specific reference to Capitol Hill is very relevant to your audience, but I removed it just in case it creates any room for confusion/mixed messages. True, ‘Where your future starts’ only hints that location is important, but it’s also more definitive: Seattle Central is *the* place from which to launch your future. :)

  • I love brainstorming tags lines!!!

    Where successful careers begin

    Creating brighter futures

    shaping careers since 1966

    Nancy Gregory
    Video Communications Specialist
    Media 1 Productions

  • Nancy Schwartz

    Marlene, you’ve made a great suggestion. Judy, what do you think?

  • Thanks for the suggestions – this is great timing for our upcoming departmental retreat. I’ll take your suggestions in so we can start our tagline brainstorming once again. Stay tuned.

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