In this guide, we'll explore the top educational resources for nonprofits.

Beyond the Basics: 14 Educational Resources for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit professional, you understand the importance of continuous learning. You know that to truly make an impact, you need to go beyond the basics and explore innovative strategies.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a curated list of 14 nonprofit resources that address the unique needs and challenges of the mission-driven sector. For easy browsing, we organized the resources into the following categories:

Whether you’re looking to enhance your fundraising strategies, improve your management skills, or gain a deeper understanding of marketing, putting these resources to use will take your nonprofit to new heights.

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Fundraising Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofits rely on fundraising to support their programs and fuel their mission. These nonprofit resources will teach you how to diversify your fundraising efforts and effectively plan, implement, and manage campaigns.

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is a professional membership organization that represents individuals and organizations involved in the fundraising and philanthropic sector. It’s one of the world’s largest communities of fundraising professionals, with members from more than 240 chapters across the globe.

Visit AFP’s website for access to:

  • Professional development certifications: Enroll in AFP’s professional development courses to receive a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) certification and demonstrate your commitment to fundraising best practices.
  • Fundraising best practices: AFP regularly publishes content on various fundraising topics, including donor engagement, major gifts, and grant writing, to help its members make informed decisions and enhance their own fundraising efforts.

Double the Donation

Far too often, nonprofits miss out on valuable donations because donors are unaware that their employers offer corporate matching gifts. Double the Donation provides a solution to this issue with 360MatchPro, a platform that automates and streamlines the matching gift process.

To learn more about matching gifts, you can explore Double the Donation’s:

  • Matching Gift Academy: Explore strategies for solving matching gift roadblocks, marketing matching gifts to donors, and encouraging donors to request matches with the Matching Gift Academy.
  • Webinars and matching gift videos: Check out Double the Donation’s webinar sessions to learn how corporate giving can impact your organization.

The Fundraising Authority

The Fundraising Authority is an online resource hub that gives fundraising professionals practical financial guidance, tools, and advice. It was founded by Joe Garecht, a fundraising consultant, with the goal of helping nonprofits improve their fundraising efforts.

Some standout offerings include:

  • Fundraising guides: The Fundraising Authority offers downloadable fundraising guides and e-books that delve deeper into specific fundraising techniques and best practices. These resources serve as valuable references for nonprofit professionals seeking to improve their fundraising skills.
  • Online courses: The platform provides online courses on fundraising and nonprofit development. These educational sessions are designed to equip fundraising professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their roles.

The Fundraising Coach

Marc Pitman, also known as “The Fundraising Coach,” is a well-known figure in the nonprofit sector, and his website offers a range of resources that help nonprofits enhance their fundraising efforts, including:

  • Educational content: Explore a series of blog posts specifically tailored to help nonprofits develop and implement effective fundraising campaigns.
  • Coaching services: Marc will provide tailored strategies, expert advice, and actionable insights to help you optimize your approach to fundraising and achieve your long-term goals.

Marketing and Communication Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofits thrive when they have strong marketing and communication skills. Learn how to engage your community, raise brand awareness, and drive support to your cause with these nonprofit resources.

Getting Attention

Getting Attention is a nonprofit marketing agency specializing in Google Ad Grant management. We help mission-driven organizations secure $10,000 in free ad spend per month. Additionally, we have an extensive library of free nonprofit resources that explore everything you need to know about Google Ad Grants, including:

    • Google Grant applications: Learn how to apply for the Google Grant, from meeting eligibility criteria, submitting the required documentation, and following best practices that increase your chances of getting accepted.
    • Account hygiene: Maintain a clean and well-organized Google Grant account with guidance on optimizing keywords, ad groups, and campaigns, as well as strategies for monitoring account performance.
    • Google Grant management: Delve into effective management strategies for maximizing the impact of a Google Grant, including campaign optimization, ad performance tracking, budget management, and leveraging analytics to measure and improve the effectiveness of grant-funded campaigns. Watch the video below for more information on Google Grant management!

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Marketing With Purpose Podcast

The Marketing With Purpose Podcast is hosted by Monica Pitts, founder of MayeCreate, a web design company. Pitts and her team guide nonprofits through the complex landscape of digital marketing in a light-hearted, entertaining platform.

In addition to listening to the podcast for marketing advice, you can:

  • Join the Facebook group. The Marketing With Purpose Podcast has a Facebook group that your nonprofit can join to receive marketing updates, engage in real-time conversations, and get your questions answered.
  • Download resources. Sign up to receive downloadable resources and a weekly newsletter with marketing, web design, and communication tips.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy offers a range of marketing courses that, while not specific to nonprofits, cover marketing strategies, content creation tips, and communication tactics that can be applied to your own outreach efforts. Plus, the academy’s blogs offer a wealth of smart, valuable tips that any organization can apply to its marketing strategy. Explore HubSpot Academy’s:

  • Training sessions: As a HubSpot partner or customer, you are eligible to take advantage of free, instructor-led online training sessions focused on improving your marketing, or entrepreneurship skills.
  • Certifications: Receive industry-recognized certifications for completing certain courses and passing associated exams. The most popular certification is the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification, which covers inbound marketing methodologies.

Resources for Nonprofit Statistics and Trends

Industry statistics and trends provide valuable insights into the current landscape and future direction of the nonprofit sector. By staying informed, nonprofits can identify emerging opportunities, anticipate challenges, and adjust their strategic plans accordingly.

Top Nonprofits

Top Nonprofits’ mission is to support the growth and development of nonprofits by sharing best practices and providing subject matter expertise. The website includes articles, guides, and webinars about a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Nonprofit marketing: The platform provides resources on nonprofit marketing strategies, social media best practices, and tips for effectively communicating your nonprofit’s mission and impact.
  • Nonprofit technology: Top Nonprofits covers technology-related topics for nonprofits, including the use of software, databases, and other tools to optimize operations and improve efficiency.


Candid is the result of a merger between Foundation Center and GuideStar, two organizations dedicated to creating resources that support philanthropy and social good. Through their website, Candid produces research reports, studies, and publications related to philanthropy and the social sector. In addition, Candid offers:

  • Nonprofit profiles: Candid maintains a comprehensive database of nonprofit organizations that includes information about their missions, programs, financials, leadership, and more. This helps donors, funders, and researchers find your nonprofit and lend their support.
  • Foundation Directory Online (FDO): FDO is a searchable database of grants and grantmakers, offering information on foundations, corporate giving programs, and other funding sources. Nonprofits can use FDO to identify potential funding opportunities and research grantmakers’ priorities and giving history.

Nexus Research Library

The Nexus Research Library is a collection of articles and statistics that can assist mission-driven organizations in staying informed about the latest trends. Whether you run a nonprofit, association, museum, or school, there is information to guide your decision-making. In the Research Libary, you can:

  • Review trends in other sectors. Learning how other sectors address complex social issues can inspire your own efforts.
  • Submit your own information. If your organization has original research that you would like to have hosted in the Research Library, you can submit it via their survey.

M+R Benchmarks

Each year, M+R Benchmarks publishes a report on trends relevant to the nonprofit sector. In addition to browsing the latest fundraising and marketing data, you can explore the:

  • Benchmark calculator: Enter your fundraising statistics into their calculator to learn how your nonprofit performs compared to the average.
  • Glossary: M+R Benchmarks has a glossary dedicated to mission-driven terms, allowing you to expand your expertise and reference any topics that may be unclear.

Networking Resources for Nonprofits

Building relationships and partnerships within the industry allows nonprofits to leverage each other’s strengths, share resources, and work together to achieve common goals. Explore these top networking resources to connect with like-minded organizations.


NXUnite partners with experts and influencers in the nonprofit sector to bring educational content to its users, covering topics such as grant writing, nonprofit branding, and community engagement strategies. To take part in their networking opportunities, you can:

  • Join a webinar or panel. Expand your circle of contacts, build relationships with other nonprofit professionals, and learn from experts in the field with NXUnite webinars and panels.
  • Explore the directory. If you’re searching for a solution, partner, or service partner, search through the vetted profiles in their directory.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits

LinkedIn for Nonprofits offers a variety of groups specifically tailored to nonprofit professionals. These groups provide a space for discussions, sharing best practices, and networking with peers and industry experts. Plus, your nonprofit will receive access to:

  • Products: LinkedIn has specific products to help your nonprofit hire, train, and retain top talent.
  • Educational Resources: In the Resource Hub, you can explore a collection of guides, best practices, and expert advice.

NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference

The NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference is an annual conference that brings together nonprofit professionals, technology experts, and thought leaders in the sector. It covers a variety of topics related to technology for nonprofits, including online fundraising, social media marketing, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.

At the conference, your nonprofit can:

  • Host a session. Are you an expert on a particular topic? Submit your best ideas to be chosen as the host of a session.
  • Sponsor NTEN. Become an NTEN sponsor and connect with technology decision-makers and thought leaders from around the nonprofit sector.

Wrapping Up: Additional Resources for Nonprofits

Remember, the journey of learning and growth is ongoing. Stay curious, open-minded, and eager to explore new information. Doing so will help your nonprofit stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impact in your community.

For access to more nonprofit resources, explore these free guides from Getting Attention:

The Google Ad Grant is a valuable resource for nonprofits. Click on this link to connect with Getting Attention.