Boston University Grabs Prospects with Powerful Video Storytelling

Take a look at Boston University‘s new Web site for a great model of home page storytelling, video style. Click on one of the main links — Learning, Research, Boston, Global, Community — and then on one of the headlines at left of each subject screen for brief, punchy videos

The videos are clearly professionally-made, but not over produced, so they feel real. They are brief ( the longest I saw ran 2 1/2 minutes), load quickly and play without a hitch, all a must.

I enjoyed learning about the student food rescue campaign (Boston), and about BU’s leading-edge research on genetic causes of sickle-cell disease (research) from Professor of Medicine Martin Steinberg. And, despite my long-lived fear of science, was almost seduced into majoring in Chemistry by watching Ishan Patel speak on how he fell into (and fell in love with) chemistry.

When you see these videos, you’ll be absolutely convinced (if you aren’t already) that video storytelling makes an impact far greater than text stories.

(Thanks to Bob Johnson for the tip.)

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