Broadcast Your Cause via YouTube — New Channel Launched for Nonprofit Videos

Seems it’s all the rage for corporate media entities to go nonprofit. Last week YouTube, Google and MTV announced nonprofit initiatives.

Most interestingly, YouTube announced Broadcast Your Cause, a way to make it even easier for people to find, watch and engage with nonprofit video content on the site. YouTube’s 2007/2008 Clinton Global Initiative commitment enables nonprofit organizations (501c3 tax filing status required for US orgs) that register for the program to receive a free nonprofit-specific YouTube channel where they can upload footage of their work, public service announcements, calls to action and more.

The channel will also allow you to collect donations with no processing costs using the newly-free Google Checkout for Non-Profits. YouTube’s global platform enables nonprofits to deliver their message, showcase their impact and needs, and encourage supporters to take action.

Meanwhile, the recent launch of ThinkMTV, MTV’s social activism social network (that’s a mouthful) has angered nonprofits planning or running social networks and turned down for funding by the same foundations (Case and Gates among others) who are funding this initiative. More from The New York Times here.

Obviously corporate media entities see that affiliation with nonprofits is of value to them. I see these initiatives as a complement to nonprofit-only networks if they partner with the right nonprofits on focus, strategy and communications. More is more. Reach audiences where they are. Yada yada yada.

Others are angered and/or threatened by these big boys stepping into the nonprofit world. Only time, and the nature of the partnerships these entities develop with nonprofit organizations, will tell how their involvement impacts nonprofit results. Stay tuned.

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