How WE Do It! The Best Video Ever

Watch it and weep, with laughter and recognition (if you’re a working parent, or overloaded in any other way). That’s definitely me! Is it you? This video from Make It Work—a community making things better for hardworking women, men and families across the country—works wonders. It:

  • Connects with working parents in a flash, by featuring the situations we face into every day. That’s us up there. Relevance rules!
  • Positively positions this tough issue via humor. We can laugh at the video, and ourselves. That up feeling makes us much more likely to act.
  • Is about WE, not Make It Work, and not you. This is a critical shift in voice that I’m starting to feel is very important. For so long, experts have advised cause communicators to address prospects and supporters in second person—you. The shift to WE—signaling the power of collective action for stronger results—is a vital strategic shift.
  • Asks for viewers to take a single, easy action, and sweetens the ask with a prize (see the ask image at bottom of this post). Taking an action engages us more in the cause and method of response, plus delivers our contact info to Make It Work for future campaigns.
  • Bonus! Kicks up the connection by starring beloved Adrienne C. Moore (of Orange Is the New Black fame). I don’t know about you and your friends, but my friends and I adore that show. Drip me anything related, and I’m all in.

This is activism that’s fun, and I bet that Make It Work is seeing some strong results. I’m going to follow up with the team there to find out, and I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, to WE!

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