You’re (In)Famous, and So Am I: MoveOn’s Personalized Video Paints Dark Future for Non-Voters

You're (In)Famous, and So Am I MoveOn's Personalized Video Paints Dark Future for Non-Voters

You've probably already received 10 emails about this "vote-or-else" campaign from, but I have to chime in with my admiration. It's irresistible. has outdone itself with this funny, engaging but ultimately, extremely thought-provoking video news report from the future.  And the video and news site are peppered with the “suspected non-voter’s” name(mine, or yours). It's the ultimate in targeting. Take a look.

Even better, makes the experience easy to share by filling in a simple form with your friends' contact info. You can make 'em laugh and make 'em think, in a second.

So vote, or else…

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