Nonprofit Marketing Impact – The Two Keys to Gaining Traction

“We’re working so hard, but we’re not getting the results we want.”  That’s a tune I hear, again and again, from nonprofit communicators exhausted from their efforts, disappointed at hitting a wall and frustrated by not knowing how to do better.

All action and no traction. That’s what most marketing is, nonprofit and for profit. A series of discrete actions—a direct mail invite for a fundraising event, a two-part email campaign to introduce a new program, a blog launched for an advocacy campaign—with no connection between them.

My response is immediate and assured, as I’ve seen it work time and time again: There are two clear and doable ways for even the smallest organization to generate marketing impact—planning and evaluation.

These are the two keys to nonprofit marketing success, and a topic I’ll be focusing a lot on in coming months. I’m going to break it down for you so you understand each and every step, and provide checklists and worksheets to help you execute them in the time you have.

Review this outline to learn the benefits planning and evaluation will bring to you and your organization’s marketing impact, all through practices that are doable (for even one-person shops) and productive.

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