Your Take: All-Staff Marketing Team (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

All-Org Marketing TeamWelcome to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival on Launching and Supporting Your All-Staff Team of Powerful Marketers—the best methods and tools to ask, train, support, and thank your colleagues to be effective insight gatherers and messengers. 

I’m thrilled to share with you this sampling from the powerful posts and recommendations submitted by you and your nonprofit peers:

Mad Men’s Don Draper would adore Marissa Garza, Director of Marketing and Communications at Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois. She goes for what she wants, and shares five tips on how she and her marketing team created an “organization-wide marketing team.

Here’s how I train orgs like yours to Extend Your Reach with an All-Staff Messenger Team

Lisa Rupple, Communications Coordinator at the Community Foundation of Lorain County, wants to brainstorm:

My next big project to tackle is employee collaboration for storytelling. It’s a big shift from how my organization has done its communications, since always. I have been working to get the conversation started with my co-workers to get buy in and am getting some positive responses.

I’d like to have some kind of structure for how internal collaboration can function without being an undue burden (or perceived as a burden) for the staff. Integrating it into their workflow so it’s fairly simple for them and hopefully just becomes part of their day to day. Having a formal program in place, I am eager to see what other groups are doing that have worked (or not worked) for them!

Joan Garry guides us to deliver a relevant elevator pitch. Beware, this isn’t your grandmother’s elevator pitch. It IS a wonderful approach to training colleagues and volunteers to share your org’s impact in a way that motivates the actions you want!

Expand the voice, style, and perspective of your organization’s content to increase engagement, and keep it fresh. Marlene Oliveira offers these guidelines to assess which colleagues are your strongest content contributors.

Don’t forget to mobilize your board! Here’s how to Ask and Train Your Board to be Powerful Messengers (Hands-On), via fundraising experts Andrea Kihlstedt and Andy Robinson.

Angela Crist, who leads Findlay Hope House, shares Hope House’s success and next steps:

The next group we need to get more in-step with our messaging is our board. We find time in staff meetings and in everyday communication to reinforce messaging with staff, but creating ways to reinforce messaging with board has proven to be more difficult.

Right now, we are running a contest with staff to encourage everyone to submit content/stories that can be used in overall marketing and in a current campaign. We received a pair of concert tickets as a part of a radio ad buy (for our campaign) and are using them as the prize (along with a free day off) for the winning staff member. It’s timely, appealing to nearly all and has infused energy into our content generation process. Plus, it’s fun!

Jeremy at Empower Nonprofits gives you three reasons to engage your staff in your nonprofit marketing and three great ways to do it. 

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