40 Ways to Fundraise with Businesses

Fundraising with Businesses by Joe WatersWhen my friend and colleague, Joe Waters, told me he was writing a hands-on guide to fundraising with businesses (a.k.a. cause marketing), I was absolutely delighted.

You’ve probably seen the same coverage I have on cause marketing, covering big orgs partnering with big corporations—like Miracle Treat Day (Children’s Miracle Network with Dairy Queen) and the Kraft Fight Hunger Facebook page for Feeding America. So I was eager to see how Joe would make this high-value fundraising strategy available to the rest of the nonprofit world and extend it to include partnering with businesses like the diner down the street or the independently-owned supermarket in  town.

Eureka! In Fundraising with Businesses, Joe lays out 40 doable ways to partner with businesses to raise money for your cause. He provides a fresh take on traditional approaches from register fundraisers to payroll deductions and introduces a slew of innovative techniques from #hashtag fundraisers to scan-to-give, showing how every organization—including yours—can work with businesses to raise cash.

Joe’s overview of each approach is thorough and practical, and is supplemented with the detailed guidance you need to bring it to life:

  • Specific examples
  • 3-step how-tos
  • Things to remember
  • Ideas to steal.

This superb format plus Joe’s clear, focused and witty writing style makes it easy for you to scan the options, then drill down into those with greatest potential for your organization. I learned an enormous amount on cause marketing in my first read of this book, plus came away with several ideas I can put to work in other nonprofit marketing strategies.

Thanks much to Joe for broadening access to cause marketing to fundraisers of all expertise levels and nonprofits of all sizes size. Grab Fundraising with Businesses at your earliest opportunity to kickstart your organization’s fundraising with businesses or improve what you’re already doing. Promise!

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