NJ or NYC? Pls Join Me—Tues Oct 8

Together, Forever, in NJ

Me and you, together in the same place? I’d love that.

Let’s lunch and learn together! Please join me next Tuesday, October 8, in nearby Edison NJ, to build your skills on:

Relevance Rules:
Right-Things Right-Now Fundraising for Nonprofit Leaders  

Register by tomorrow (Fri, Oct 4) to get the early-bird rate—just $40 to learn with me!

AFP, New Jersey Chapter has invited me to guide participants to the right way to connect with supporters right now to spur them to give? And to show you how to know if you’re  doing the right things.

These are the questions fundraisers ask most frequently, sharing that not knowing the answers leads to self-doubt, paralysis or, worse, just doing what you’ve always done, regardless of the impact it may (or may not) have. But there’s a better way . . .

We’ll share lunch together, then I’ll lead you through the steps to a game-changing fundraising method that ensures your fundraising messages and methods are relevant, today and always. You’ll learn how to:

  • Escape from the muddy messages and impossible to-do lists that weaken your fundraising impact;
  • Approach fundraising as a system, rather than a series of one-offs;
  • Define a clear and useful decision-making framework for fundraising activities; and,
  • Learn to gather and use insights from responses to your activities to improve results next time around.

Hope to see you in person next Tuesday. It would be an absolute treat for me. So register right now.

Make sure to come up and say hi if you’re there. Don’t want to miss you!

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