LinkedIn Answers Great Source of Nonprofit Marketing Guidance

LinkedIn Answers Great Source of Nonprofit Marketing GuidanceI recently dove into LinkedIn (a high dive, mind you), and find it to be an absolutely incredible professional networking tool.

You probably know all that, so let me tell you about its much-less-publicized value — as a strong source of peer insight on the challenges that are plaguing YOU. LinkedIn offers a great Question-and-Answer venue (you can do either, or both), which you can post to your other members in your industry (charity and nonprofit, marketing) and/or to your own network of connections. It’s an incredible resource.

Here are the few of the queries recently asked in the marketing and nonprofit venues within LinkedIn (accessible to LinkedIn members only):

I subscribed via a RSS news feed to get new questions in the nonprofit and marketing areas sent to my news reader. Makes it easy for me to share my knowledge to help colleagues, and to learn what others have to say.

Beyond providing great answers, LinkedIn provides an opportunity for nonprofit marketers to ask key questions of colleagues in the field. The community is one of pure sharing, nothing territorial here. So refreshing, and so valuable.

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