How to Get Prospects and Supporters to Your Website

As useful, timely and engaging as your organization’s online content and community may be, there are a finite number of folks who will come to your site directly — through a reference from a friend or searching for your organization by name.

That’s why inbound marketing — techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO, populating your site with keywords and phrases your network is likely to search for, in the right elements in the site), generating links into your site (a.k.a. link authority) and others — is an absolute critical element for your online marketing success. This video is a fantastic intro to inbound marketing!

Unfortunately, it’s one often avoided as it’s hard to “get.” I’ll be writing about inbound marketing quite often going forward, to give you skills in putting this valuable tool to work.

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Nancy Schwartz in Inbound Marketing | 0 comments

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