7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Nonprofit Marketing Impact with Google Analytics

website analyticsAs pressure to perform grows for nonprofit marketing, many of you are trying to redefine priorities in your new, more streamlined environment.

The most effective way to define your nonprofit communications priorities is to evaluate what strategies are working best, and do more of them. But as you told me a couple of years ago, only 37% of nonprofits track communications outcomes. So you don’t know what’s working best.

Google Analytics are an an incredibly easy and cheap (no cost, beyond your time) way to evaluate what’s working best on your website and blog by measuring user behavior. You should be using them to track usage, and to assess what to do more of and what to change.

But here’s the problem — I bet most of  you (both nonprofit communicators and fundraisers) don’t use analytics data, even if the tool is set up. And that many of you don’t even think it’s your responsibility to do so.

That was confirmed last week, when I released 7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Nonprofit Marketing Impact with Google Analytics to Getting Attention e-update readers. Just 21% of readers opened the email (and the subject line is always the article title), compared to an average of 31%. That means 1/3 of you don’t think website analytics are not important to your work. Wrong!

Read the full article to learn the key metrics to focus on (analytics programs, including Google, generate so many analytics it’s hard to know where to start) to understand your audience better and shape your website to contribute even more to your org’s marketing impact.

For those of you who are using analytic data, please comment below on the top website usage metrics your organization focuses on to understand your audience and improve your site, and your process for putting those insights to work. Thank you.

Most importantly, dig into this valuable information and put it to work!

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