Your Input Pls-asap! What’s the Best Way for Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising Teams to Partner?

marketing-fundraising-partnersNow it’s my turn to ask you a question.

I’m writing an article on the most productive ways for nonprofit communications and fundraising teams to work together (and together is the key word here) and would like to integrate some examples from you of what’s working (or ideas you have that haven’t been implemented yet). Each team may come into it with very different perspectives, but working together is a must, believe me!

Of course the deadline is almost here so please get in touch asap via the comments box below or simply email me! Your real-world perspective is vital to the strength of the article.

Thanks so much. I look forward to receiving your examples and suggestions!

Nancy Schwartz in Fundraising: Innovations & Research, Planning and Evaluation | 5 comments
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