Use Compelling Models to Build Marketing Buy-In

Have marketing naysayers among your colleagues or leadership? Take these quick steps to open their hearts, eyes and minds. It’s the best way to motivate their interest and participation in marketing via sharing critical insights on supporters and competitors, and learning to be effective messengers:

1) Show them this short video (in person with others if possible—grabbing a few minutes when folks are already in a meeting is best), then pause to let it sink in.

2) Take the pulse of the folks who watched—listen and watch their facial expressions. If you’ve shared the link via email, ask your colleagues to let you know if this is something they think could work for your organization. Make it easy, and worth their time and effort, to get back to you. Pick up the phone and call to discuss—you have to do the work here.

3) If your observations and gut tell you that watchers are moved, provoked or startled by the video, re-open the marketing conversation to ask, “What steps do you think the Dalit Freedom Network team took to create this video, before they even touched a camera?”

4) List what you hear, then fill in the gaps to bring your colleagues step-by-step through what it took to get here—clear definition of goal, audiences, call to action, distribution/promotion.

I bet you’ll see at least a touch of “aha.” That opening marke the kick off of your all-org marketing team. Go to it!

What’s worked for you in spurring the marketing “I get it?” For those of you who struggle with building understanding, what’s the biggest barrier?

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