Nonprofit Marketing Resources Worth Your Attention — September 2006

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Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants Features Blog Posts that Raise Broader Questions for Nonprofit Organizations

Ken Goldstein pulls together blog posts that raise big questions that most nonprofits have to tackle. Thanks to Ken for a useful point of view and great selection of posts.

MarketingSherpa Articulates Value of Personas in Understanding Your Nonprofit’s Target Audiences

You know that I am a big fan of personas for helping clients to really get a sense of who they’re trying to reach. Make sure you read my pitch for nonprofit use of personas, with a case study.

Once you’re convinced that you want to put personas to work (and I know you will be), read MarketingSherpa’s pithy tale of how personas make a difference. It’s a great tool for getting your boss or executive director to buy into using personas.

Nonprofit Online Communications Expert Beth Kanter Talks about Nonprofits and Vlogging (that’s video blogging, as in You Tube)

Beth Kanter shares her savvy insights on what nonprofits have to gain in vlogging the best way to distribute videos online. She reviews several nonprofit vlogging intiatives, including National Resources Defense Council on YouTube and the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) YouTube Channel.

Learn How Social Networking Can Benefit Your Nonprofit

PR 2.0, a just-released free guide to social networking, introduces all the options (wikis, social bookmarketing, the new press release and more). You’ll find it easy to overlay your nonprofit lens on the corporate framework of this guide to understand what’s out there, and where’s the best place for your nonprofit to dive into these new communications channels.

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