Share Your Biggest Marketing Lesson Learned in 2010 – Free Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Guide

Flickr: dhWhat’s the biggest marketing lesson you learned (or re-learned) in 2010? Please let me know by  midnight, Thursday, Dec. 24 Friday, Dec. 17!

I’ll summarize the trends, and share the lessons submitted by you and your colleagues, in the 2011 Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom guide (hat tip to Marketing Sherpa). You’ll get a free copy when you share your biggest lesson learned!

So share it now! It could be anything tactical or strategic, simple or complex. Here are a few of the submissions we’ve received:

  • Make professional development and continuing learning a priority – and protect the time.
  • When pricing out an item or service, call at least three vendors. This may take a few more minutes of your time, but you will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars. We’ve been able to save so much money on production costs for printing, photography and web design, by taking the time to incorporate this.
  • Test test test… before any campaign gets launched. Given the complexity of the tools today, and the speed with which we invariably put things together, errors do get made and you want to be the one to find them, not the people you’re hoping to engage!

Whatever comes to mind as a lesson or key principle learned—either from hard knocks or new found success. Please take one minute to share your thoughts and insights now. Thanks so much!

P.S. Learn how to strengthen your nonprofit’s messaging with the all-new Nonprofit Tagline Database and 2011 Tagline Report.

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