Nonprofits Fail to Track Marketing Impact, Getting Attention Survey Shows

Nonprofits Fail to Track Marketing Impact, Getting Attention Survey ShowsMore than 55% of nonprofits
are frustrated by lack of resources and leadership support for marketing, but only 37% do the tracking that generates increased budgets and confidence.

Full press release on findings here
(PDF file); please forward to your colleagues.

These just-released results provide a snapshot of key trends and benchmarks for nonprofit marketing and communications, drawn from communicators working in or with nearly 350 nonprofit organizations and foundations.  The 2007 Nonprofit Marketing Survey provides an across-the-board look at how well leading nonprofit marketing initiatives are performing.

Some key findings:

  • Only 37% of Nonprofits Track Marketing Impact, but without that Data You’re Driving Blind — implement a marketing evaluation plan today
  • Most 2007 Marketing Agendas Focus on 2 or more of 5 Key Opportunities –Over 50% of nonprofit communicators are placing their bets on these strategies
  • 2006 Marketing Successes Many and Varied — from surpassing fundraising goals and gaining leadership buy-in to consistent, pithy Messaging
  • Nonprofit Marketers Want to Hurdle these “Big 3” Barriers Faced in 2006 — Over 55% of your colleagues cite lack of resources and/or leadership support as their major challenge.

More on Survey Respondents

  • Survey respondents work in a variety of positions:
    • 47% — Marketing and Communications
    • 15% — Leadership
    • 15% — Fundraising
    • 6% — Board Members
    • 17% — Other
  • And in a broad range of organizations:
    • 29% — Human Services
    • 25% — Education
    • 20% — Civil Society (civil rights, community, advocacy, philanthropy)
    • 17% — Arts & Culture
    • 9%  — Other (international, spiritual, service

Take a look at the complete survey results now for a better understanding of ways to punch up your nonprofit marketing, and some inspiration from colleagues in the field.

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