Your Mother! Still time.

Relevance RulesThere’s no better way for your organization to get your supporters’ and prospects’ attention (media attention, too) than piggybacking on what’s already top of mind. Your people are already thinking on this stuff, so are far more likely to connect with your campaign than at any other time. Relevances rules!

So, make the most of Mother’s Day—you still have time if you act now. Mother’s Day campaigns are right-things, right-now marketing and I’ve seen some fantastic examples from nonprofits like yours in recent years. Take a look and act NOW:

Because I’m a nonprofit communications nerd, I save great email models like these. Just look at these email subject lines pre-Mother’s Day last year:

Relevance Rules

And here are my two favorite Mother’s Day campaigns from years past:

Relevance Rules Marketing

Lettuce Celebrate, proclaimed Oxfam America, in its joyful campaign inviting us to fund a vegetable garden in honor of our moms. It’s a wonderful so clearly tied to the organization’s mission and impact, and it’s an affordable give. Oxfam America even extended the opportunity beyond the day of, in case Mother’s Day slackers missed it!

I was also struck hard by this Mother’s day fundraising campaign (photo at top left) from City Meals. The woman featured could have been my grandmother.

Here City Meals springboards from the power of this image and feeling, telling us that “70% of our meal recipients are women. Many no longer have spouses, siblings, friends or children in their lives. That can make for a lonely Mother’s Day. Send meals in your mother’s honor or memory to elderly New Yorkers who would otherwise be hungry and alone.

Mom taught you to care for others. Show her how much you learned.

Beautifully done, City Meals. This campaign primes our empathy and guilt, motivating our desire to please with the encouragement to be “our best,” as mom taught us. Hokey, but it works.

What makes this campaign truly effective are the supplementary components that made giving a true participatory experience—including e-cards to send your mom (you “purchase” the card, that’s your donation) and the campaign mini-site.

Now’s the time! These are just a couple of the many inspirations out there to power up your org’s Mother’s Day Campaign. Search for more, brainstorm and produce your Mother’s Day campaign.

How have you piggybacked on Mother’s Day or another holiday to motivate your people to act? Please share your campaign models and mistakes here.

P.S. Father’s Day is around the corner. Start planning now!

Compelling Mother’s Day Campaigns from the Past

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