Last-Minute Valentines: Still time!

Relevance Rules Messages

From soulful to silly, heartfelt to heavy, no matter the approach, organizations like yours are using Valentine’s Day to get attention and motivate the actions they need this week and beyond. You still have time to leverage Valentine’s Day TODAY if you act now.

The secret sauce here is piggybacking on what’s top of mindYour people are already thinking about this stuff, so are far more likely to connect with your Valentine’s mini-campaign right now. They’ve been helping their kids write out cards for the entire class, buying that last-minute box of chocolates for their partner, or grabbing a bunch of roses on the way home from work. 

They couldn’t forget Valentine’s Day even if they wanted to. So use St. Valentine as a springboard to engagement. That’s Relevance Rules Messaging! Here’s how:

1) Find your cause’s genuine connection to love. It’s crystal clear for causes/issues like heart health, blood and organ donation and human services. The link may be less evident for other causes but is often findable with a bit of probing. Brainstorm with your colleagues over coffee asap.

CAUTION: If you can’t find a natural-ish connection, or just don’t have the time to dig deep, skip Valentine’s Day based-messaging this year. Otherwise, you’ll risk losing credibility and distracting your people from what’s important to them (and to you).

2) Make your Valentine’s campaign (both graphic and narrative elements) short, punchy, and to the point, without minimizing your cause and community. This is a minor holiday; not a solemn day of remembrance or a religious marker. It’s a launchpad for your message, nothing else.
See below (#3).

3) Go micro this year via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or maybe a super short email. That’s all you have time for at this point. Sharing donor love is a perennial winner. Here are three other inspirations I’ve seen this week:

4) Make a to-do entry to develop a richer campaign for next year, IF it makes sense.

Start by reviewing National Domestic Workers Alliance‘s (NWDA) #GiveWithLove campaign. The messaging is thoughtful, meaningful, and memorable, yet a complement to NWDA’s core campaigns. Here’s an excerpt from a recent NWDA email I received:

Love can be transformational. The kind of love that can change the world. It’s this deep commitment that fuels us at NDWA. We know that with love, a whole lot of strategic work, people power and elbow grease, anything is possible.

This Valentine’s Day, will you make a donation to NDWA to keep our movement growing?

As an organizer, I work in NYC with local house cleaners, nannies, and care workers to make sure they are treated fairly and with dignity. The women I talk to are deeply connected to the work that they do – caring for other families and households. I am inspired by them every day, by the care and love with which they approach their work and their lives.

It’s this love that can move mountains, and it’s this love we celebrate today.

I love it! Let’s see what you can do with love.

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P.P.S. This total-win technique isn’t limited to Valentine’s Day. Get brainstorming now to connect your cause with upcoming holidays—Mother’s Day, Earth Day (priceless relevance for environmental organizations), Father’s Day—and other-top-of-mind moments. Relevance Rules Messaging is a proven way to connect with supporters and move them to give, donate, volunteer or spread the word.

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