Are You Doing the Right Things?

These are the questions you ask me most frequently:

What’s the right way to market a nonprofit like mine?

And how do I know if I’m doing the right things?

Not knowing the answers leads to self-doubt, paralysis or, worse, just doing what you’ve always done, regardless of the impact it may (or may not) have. There’s a better way.

Wouldn’t it feel so much better to know you’re making good choices, so you can move beyond doing what sounds right, to doing the things—the right things—backed by careful research, sound thinking and real strategy?

You see, without knowing exactly what the right marketing things are and that you’re executing them correctly, you’re throwing away precious time, energy and dollars for absolutely nothing.

In fact, what you get from this approach is a bunch of marketing products: a new page on your website; a quickly revised brochure, or an e-news article written and out the door. What you don’t get is meaningful, measurable impact. (And worse, you may be alienating loyal and prospective audiences by missing the mark.)

I urge you to to take the steps necessary to make sure you are engaging the right people in the right ways to reach your marketing goals. And to start today.

Believe me, I’m not talking about holding everything to dive into a three-month planning process. I’m talking about taking an hour each morning for one week (a total of five hours) to establish your blueprint for your marketing work—a right-things marketing plan.

Your right-things plan will guide you today, and next year—It’s designed to be flexible enough to embrace the changes your organization faces on a regular basis, yet specific enough to guide ongoing implementation. It lives and breathes right alongside your organization.

Start now with this easy-to-use template for your right-things plan. And please, get in touch with any questions.

Go to it!

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P.S. Messages that connect are a right-things priority for all organizations. Learn how to craft messages that connect with the no-charge Nonprofit Tagline Report and Database—must-dos, don’t dos, case studies and 5,000 searchable nonprofit tagline examples!

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